Thursday, August 10, 2006

pic pic pic pic

Sachin, sanj and two of sanj’s pahadi friends…full shanti ppl in bbay!!

My godparents: R-L: Vilma aunty who’s taken me so willingly into her home…washed ALL my dirty dirty stinking clothes and jsu been the perfect host to a struggling displaced dimwit, Sabu Uncle, born on the same day as he is, I can c y v get along!! Haha I hope I at least get his good sense of humour…he reminds me so much of my dad…that I don’t miss home as much

Belle a bellaaaa hehe

ACJ-05-06…n then b’lore! L-R: Vikhar (Mr.JNU / gnu haha and soon to be Oxfordian???) our homer simpson!!! Vikram…gr8 guitarist & gr8er guy, CHé ri-brain brain brain…n sweetheart to the core!!…hehehe…sayantoni…JHOOM! bong, so needless to say she packs a punch (really n metaphorically) BY!!! Pinky…kundeeeeeeeee, Nivi-the tech genius, Nina: KO DAYS ki JAI!

VANI…heart of gold n JNC ki JAI!!!!

L-R RTJ, YO!, PREETHAAAAAAAAAA, JUN (guitarist x trod in air) & RUTH (munky with big heart , small nose,): what was left of our gang…when I left….MEMORIESSSSSSSSSSSSSs


Ooohhh boy…this is gonna be a long caption…that;s (L-R) Bakshi, YO, Nitu, Collin …whatever u can c of him, n some weird babe…dunno what her name is only …she was there @ nia’s place also…following me around I think…syco!!

My niece…yes that’s rite…sunaina (NIAAAAAAaa on her 23rd birdday) that’s a crack of yo there too…