Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Enough is enough

OK fine the media really overdid the Aish Abhishek wedding, and a host of other 'stories' that most of us agree would not affect our lives that much. But blaming the media completely for doling out this crap everyday round the clock 24/7 is equally crap. When will one stop and think that it's as much our (the public)'s fault as it is theirs? Don't we read this crap? DOn't we even WANT to know? The media is not brainwashing us into thinking we should read it. It's fulfilling a need that WE as irresposible readers have.

So enough media battering. Time to take responsibility as well. It IS as much our faults. Where are the forums for debating issues that affect us? Where's the interest even to know? Who cares about what Army personnel stationed in the forests of Bandipur did to the villagers? No one...no that's not fair either. But only a few do... and THAT's what we gotta change first. Blame the media for taking sides...that's not journalism...also blame the media for complacently report... but don't blame them for the rubbish that is printed becuase we all know deep down that we want to read that rubbish...and that's why those who print THAT rubbish...make all the money.