Monday, October 06, 2008

Hunsurnalli Hucchu maja!

4 days on Gerry's farm in Hunsur, with 22 kids from various schools had me very shutter-happy.

Day 1, we set up tents for some, while the others had to shack out in... shacks. heh. After fashioning fishing poles out of slender bamboos, the afternoon was spent in coracles in the lake, a serene assortment of lotus plants and floating weeds that squeezed through our toes and danced wildly around our legs. Back to camp-site at night, we spent the night telling ghost stories, jokes, and singing songs.

Day 2 we spent building bamboo rafts in the morning, tying them up with wet coir rope in mangled knot-like forms. The afternoon we took em out into the lake and spent some time madly splashing about, weaving through the weed -ridden obstacle course for a while before reaching clear water and sunlight outlined clouds across the universe.

Day 3 we woke up before the cocorocco could doodle di doo, and we were off to Nagarhole for a 3km trek to the birth place of the Lakshmanathirtha River.

Day 4... loads of games, some coconut tree climbing, some chicken slaying, and then some more games before we headed back to Bangalore. Contentment.

Wild Life

Night Life