Thursday, November 06, 2008

Narikuravars: An ongoing Obsession

Two years ago, I first came across this group as part of a College Project. Ever since, I have been interested in working with them. I know soon, I would have gathered the necessary skills, ideas and funds to work with them again. Below are 7 chapters of the dissertation I compiled on them. I haven't returned to Chennai after that, and so it might be quite outdated.

I do keep in touch with what is reported to be happening with the community. I've read some stories about land 'pattas' being issued to them, and more recently, that they are being incorporated into the pilot site of the Madras High Court's recently launched Zero Waste Management Programme.[|KaCnGU=&SectionID=lifojHIWDUU=&MainSectionID=lifojHIWDUU=&SEO=&SectionName=rSY|6QYp3kQ=]

A researcher called Siva Chithirai had a Photo Exhibit recently at the Alliance Francaise, Chennai, with them as the subject. Here's his interview in the Deccan Herald.

Enjoy the read. If you want to collaborate, share, discuss, do write in.

Love and peace.