Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's been a long long long time

Since i just wrote something on my blog and didn't have to research it, or upload pictures to go with it, or .... for no reason at all.

so, i'm almost done with my stint at Jungle Retreat. Sigh. If there's one thing I've learnt from that experience is that I now know for sure I want to live near a forest :)

after what was a crazy exploratory expedition i set upon 26 years ago, i now find myself in a place where i can say with some certainty that i am having a lot of fun.

i owe much of this happiness to IT as in this last year alone, i have spotted numerous bird groups, animals and insects and learnt a bit about what is with each day making more sense to me. finally, i realise, i've hit upon something that leads back into my veins, my life force. thank you :)

i'm 3 years into my 7 year growing hair saga and in the middle of may, every year i summon tremendous will power to prevent myself from walking down to the barber shop and shaving my head. just 4 more years to gooooooOooo. good luck to me. it has reached my waist (if i stretch the curls out when it's wet heh)

Green/white Tara (thanks chaddi & pom), utopia and intentional communities (Such), Natural Building (thanks phil), Sylvapolitanism, Itinerancy, Machu Pichu (Peru)and Iguaza falls (Parana), Angola (Capoeira), dan moi (Vietnamese harp), singing bowl (Tibetan), stream walking (on Gerry's camps), shrikes and tickle's blue flycatchers at Retreat, the life magazine series (Blossom Book Store), that lonar crater in Maharashtra (namaste jords), white self-existing wizard (thanks smiff), are some of the things that have been on my mind for the past couple of ..... months, weeks, days, hours. wow... n much more as well.

i feel blessed, i am blessed, and i am grateful that i am blessed AND that i know it :)