Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A friend's children's book launch

Dear All,
Apologies for the mass email. :)
A book I just finished on the river in Hampi is being launched this weekend at the Ambara in Jayanagar.
it's been written by Arshia Sattar and Illustrated by me :)
5th of November 4:30 pm.
Please bring as many kids as you know. Kidnap them if need be (I'm kidding obviously)
Its going to be a fun bookrelease. Hanuman dancers from hampi, Toymaking by Nilofer Suleman, A play by Kirtana Kumar's theatre group, a reading and tshirts and badges and more : )
Do come by. :) and if you can't make it (or can't find any children) then please do getyourself a copy. :)
Take care!
Lots of Love Always

ps- To see more from the book log onto www.bonifisheii.blogspot.com
and spread the word! :)