Monday, January 30, 2006

replica zepplica

faded fortunes - So all those moments spent in the futile lament for an age gone by seemed a little wasted when i heard the 'next best thing to led zeppelin. from the effiminate plant moves to the page's get up... these guys had it going on... i thought the sound guys really really screwed up, but even then you could tell that this was a band with immense talent.... even if they ONLY covered their favourite band. before them came parikrama... and i was astounded by the power and tone of the lead vocalist... absolutely AMAZING... the violin parts the guitar solos... u really really hard to listen very very hard to notice the violinst lose tempo once or twice, or catch the organ player curse at some blunder which thanks to the sound guys again, i couldn't hear... even tho i was right up front... with half a leg on the stage.the concert was just that bit more special cos it took me back to my happy times with my friends in bangalore... felt like msging atleast 3 of them... but then gave up trying to concentrate on that owing to the insanely invigoating amounts of vibration that were being pumped right through me. Then the icing... the guy dressed like page is just about to take off on stairway to heaven's lead... after many many people had been yelling the name of the song repeatedly... when... suddenly the power goes and u can't hear anything.... WHAT THE????....then the music resumes in about 10 mins.. and that too how... the lead singer just starts singing... and before he finishes the first word... he's got the other 3 members with him in perfect timing... pretty impressive...then he plays one bar of the lead and...the freaking power goes again.. that's when they decided, with not too pleasant a look on their face.. to throw the towel in... and trudge to bed... with frogs n things like the guy claimed.... whatever happened to closure... doesn't anybody realise the trama of not hearing the best part of arguably the best song in the world??? SHHEEEESHHH... what a shitty end to a really really neat thing for sure, music invokes some of the strongest memories... n hearing those songs ... oh.... those beautiful beautiful songs.